Mantis Swimwear is lovingly designed and made in Australia.
We are passionate about opening up new options in swimwear for women of every size to get back into the water and enjoy every moment.
In 2019 Sydney Mum and sewing enthusiast Kacy, was heading off on a family holiday.

When it came time to get something for the beach the options for plus size were pretty limited and colourless. Longer women’s board shorts were and are still difficult to find for when you want longer coverage on the legs. She had a spark of an idea to combine what was best about leggings with swimwear and using some colourful cactus swim fabric she made the first pair of Sea Legs swim shorts.

They were stretchy, they were colourful, didn’t ride up and changed the outcome of that holiday from waiting on the sand under a towel, to instead getting into the water with her daughter and making memories.
From that day the idea was born to bring these to life for other women that might want more options to feel empowered to get back out into the water and out from under the towels.

We are committed to size inclusivity and will continue to support plus sizes across our range because every body is a beach body and worthy of their day in the sun.

We strive to support sustainable practices with the majority of our swimwear being made from recycled eco polyester and offcuts too small to be used get sent to be recycled again into new products.

We’re looking forward to seeing all of the adventures our swimwear goes on, where will you take yours?